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Slide is a brand known for its outdoor polyethylene furniture products that mix both resistance and design. This brand manufactures very contemporary products ranging from armchairs to garden pots.

Astonishment and light

SLIDE, Italian brand, produces outdoor and indoor design and modern furniture. The desire of its founder was to create inspiring designs: surprise and joy! To give a very personal touch to indoor and outdoor spaces, in which one can feel good and live surrounded by beauty. Gio Colonna Romano, combining his fervent imagination with thirty years of know-how in the treatment of plastic resins, gave birth to SLIDE in 2002 and created astonishment with its luminous furniture. It will quickly become essential in the world of events.

Bringing the quality, creativity and culture of Made In Italy design all over the world: this is the goal SLIDE has set itself, making astonishment and light its main characteristics. All using a material with countless potentialities and respectful of the environment: linear low-density polyethylene, treated according to a process without harmful emissions. All products are 100% recyclable and some colors are made with recycled materials, such as Jet Black, Elephant Grey, Chocolate Brown and Mahogany Leather. All with a view to a virtuous circular economy, in which the SLIDE product can be reused ad infinitum. Each creation can indeed restore plastic powder that will give life to other furniture!

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