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French manufacturer of outdoor furniture, Fermob creates innovative, smart, easy-going and cheerful garden furniture to enjoy life in color.

The joy of living in the garden

French manufacturer in Ain, pioneer for more than 65 years in the design of outdoor furniture but not only! FERMOB creates innovative, smart, easy-going and cheerful garden furniture to enjoy the joy of living in the garden. Color is FERMOB's DNA. With a unique color chart of about twenty colors, FERMOB gives personality to his furniture and breathes a wind of audacity. FERMOB the expert in garden color, also offers a wide range of complementary in-outdoor decoration accessories to offer a global layout of spaces.

Designed to last and live in nature, all FERMOB products are made with materials and processes that respect the environment and guarantee recyclable and recycled furniture, ecological paints that preserve the environment and health. The design and aesthetic biases of FERMOB creations have always been in line with essential environmental issues: material savings, waste limitation and limitation of transport impact. To go even further in this approach, FERMOB launches in 2022 FERMOB RE-PAINT, offering the possibility to customers of the brand to update their furniture FERMOB. Whether they are a little old-fashioned or bear the scars of time, they will have an infinite lifespan!

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Brand: Fermob

Trilogy of nesting coffee tables -...


The trilogy of UULALA de Fermob nesting coffee tables consists of three coffee tables with different geometric shapes and heights. The tables slide under each other or fit into a multitude of possible combinations.

They are available in 3 color versions:

  • Retro bouquet = Acapulco Blue + Icy Mint + Storm Grey
  • Nature evidence = Rosemary + Cactus + Clay Grey
  • Floral escape = Black Cherry + Red Ochre + Chili pepper

Brand: Fermob

Bridge Luxembourg Fermob


It was in 2004 that Fermob asked Fréderic Sofia to reinterpret the mythical chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg created in 1923 by the workshops of the city of Paris and that Fermob still makes today for les jardins Parisians. Thus are born a chair and a bridge with obvious lines, offering the lightness and resistance of aluminum, the comfort of a seat in curved slats, the practicality of a stackable structure.

Brand: Fermob

Rocking-Chair Luxembourg Fermob


Finally a Rocking Chair in the Luxembourg collection, a range that combines more than any other, style and tradition, trend and timelessness! This piece will complete with a playful note, and so pleasant to use, any outdoor set; It will also integrate easily into interiors for an undeniable touch of pleasure and idleness.

And we can already imagine swinging in the sweetness of summer evenings, in all nonchalance, with our heads comfortably leaning back...

Brand: Fermob

Low armchair Luxembourg Fermob


It was in the 20s that it made its first appearance in the alleys of the famous garden whose name it bears, the Luxembourg low armchair came straight out of the workshops of the city of Paris which ensure the first manufactures, which will then be taken over by a craft workshop prior to Fermob. In the 90s, Fermob, at the request of the Luxembourg Garden, resumed manufacturing.

Today, the Luxembourg low armchair never ceases to seduce: light and comfortable, it moves easily from one end of the garden to the other... Smart, it accessorizes with a headrest and coffee tables to create a lounge area ... Practical, it stacks perfectly for easy storage.

Brand: Fermob

Table 80 x 80 cm 4 legs Luxembourg...


Make way for tête-à-tête with its 80 x 80 cm format and practicality with its 4 legs that eliminate any clutter under the table for guests. Faithful by its new base to the Luxembourg "features" (we find a characteristic detail of the range by the tube and the design of its feet), light, it can also serve as an easy-going service or complement larger models.

To each family, its table...