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Fatboy is a brand known for its quality ottomans as well as hammocks. It has also become known thanks to its very contemporary chandelier that perfectly combines the materials of today with the style of yesterday and tomorrow.

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Brand: Fatboy

Edison The Petit - Fatboy


Little sister of the Edison the Grand lamp, in addition to the characteristics of the latter, the Edison the small has an exclusive battery system that allows it to stay on for 6 hours without being plugged in thanks to a rechargeable battery system and therefore very easy to carry. It uses the LED system that allows it to vary its brightness and consume a minimum of energy.

Brand: Fatboy

BOLLECKE Suspension - Fatboy


The Fatboy BOLLECKE lamp is cordless and can be used anywhere thanks to the clever silicone buckle. The LED bulb offers 3 lighting modes and the suspension buckle is available in red, yellow, green, light grey, taupe and anthracite.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and offers an energy-efficient LED light source. Depending on the intensity chosen, the sphere can remain lit between 6 and 20 hours.

Easily rechargeable thanks to a USB port, with power cable provided.