Materials & Care Tips

Totally rot-proof wood with a tiny expansion depending on climatic variations, teak was used for shipbuilding for several centuries, hence its use today for the manufacture of garden furniture.
Thanks to its exceptional weather resistance, teak keeps a perfect and constant quality. It can stay outside all year round even in the mountains under the snow.
A natural phenomenon, teak takes on a silvery color over time and is adorned with slight superficial cracks that do not alter its aesthetic appearance and solidity.
Never use linseed oil products and dandruff products (varnishes...).
You have two options:
Natural golden option
When the furniture is new, use teak oil,
one to several times a year depending on the region, on perfectly dry wood
and free of nighttime moisture. If you do not follow this advice, the product will trap moisture and you will, as a result, have the appearance of black spots of mold on your teak furniture. To make them disappear,
This will require sanding teak furniture.
When you want to restore the original color to an untreated teak furniture,
it must be cleaned with the product CLEAN TEK and stabilized with teak oil.
Silver-gray option
On a dirty silver-gray, dark black teak cabinet, spray CLEAN TEK, then wash with plenty of water with a natural brush until you regain the silver-gray color to enhance the veining of the teak furniture.

We advise you not to use abrasive products to clean your metal furniture. A sponge with a little dishwashing liquid will suffice.
Metal furniture is treated so that it can remain outside. Nevertheless, for better conservation, we invite you to bring in your outdoor furniture during the winter season, or to shelter it from the weather.

It is a material composed of polyester yarns braided and sheathed with PVC. It is a very strong, flexible material, treated anti-UV and anti-mold.
With this coating, a cushion is useless!!
For maintenance, just wash with soapy water, nothing more!