The vintage mexican Touch

Manufacturer of furniture 100% made in France, BOQA is inspired by an ancestral Mexican weaving technique and has developed in France the only workshop for the manufacture of the Acapulco armchair. The braiding is done by hand in an artisanal way for a rendering and an irreproachable quality.

Created in France by Julien Adam, the inspiration for the Acapulco chair was born in the heart of Mexico, the country where the designer befriends some Mayan artisans teaching him how to make this iconic Acapulco armchair. So he learned to braid scoubidou thread on metal structures and began to build up a small stock.

Over time, the BOQA catalogue grew with the integration of new materials and know-how. Wood, glass, leather, linen, more recently acrylic, and more and more colors.

Located not far from Bordeaux, all their furniture respects ecological standards to offer you perennial and environmentally friendly furniture.

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